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that dream to help the planet and mourn the loss of Inteligentry.
Don't WORRY the " Plasmic Transition Technology OR Process Is Not DEAD!.
It is very much alive outside the USA.     It is even bigger than before, just quieter!

The site for engineering help & consulting for the Electronic Control Systems is: RAM Engineering Mexico
The site for the technology Transfer, in total, hardware and electronics, IS " Plasmic Transition",
All the foreign DEVELOPMENT centers will use this site as the information and reference transfer site.
NOW They are developing the technology, with MEXICO, at THEIR Labs outside the USA.







     As most of the SEC's VICTIMS know John Rohner has been fighting a lonesome fight against the SEC for just one simple thing. To give back the Funds and assets to the "Victims" of the SEC, the people the SEC took them from, the investors of Inteligentry from which they were taken.
     Many people asked why Rohner would give up thousands of dollars, he could have earned and years of his time for something that to them seemed frivolous. After all Rohner had told all Investors that there was a possibility they would lose their investments and even made the Investor tell him that their investment would not be detrimental to their family of life.
     Those of you that have been following the case as presented in full on the legal news page here, must have seen the court, and the SEC, start to use the term "Third Parties" on the ex investors and their new Corporation, which the SEC is trying to squash as well.
     Rohner thought that the SEC might have some other client than their "supposed by law" investors. With their reference to the Inteligentry investors, as "third parties" it was transparent that the "client" was not the people that the SEC was taking the money and assets from but someone else.
     That made it readily apparent that what the SEC was trying to do was "ROB PETER TO PAY PAUL" or in plainer words take from the Inteligentry Investors and Rohner, all they could and give it to "Someone". In everyday English this is called by some GRAND THEFT and others "embezzlement" and it simply is stealing from the investors to "enrich" the SEC "CLIENT". It is a government agency, and a couple lawyers trying to trick the court into an illegal funds movement scheme. And of course who would be better at a scheme like this than the agency that is supposed to "protect" people from it.
     Why else would the SEC have for NOT making the simple restoration of funds public and Transparent. Those of you that have been following the case may know that the SEC killed any settlement because of one specific item. Rohner wanted the court to "publicly" disperse the funds to verified investors and the SEC would have nothing to do with it. They also would NOT ALLOW any removal of PlasmERG Iowa or any removal of using the bank records of same or of adding $400,000 of NON investment into that as well so that it would look as if "SOMEONE" needed to be paid BIG. It does not take much imagination to ferret out who the SEC's "client" is.

     The SEC and the Receiver both spit on the courts ruling as they both rewrote it to fit what they wanted. That is called "contempt". It is also why the SEC has been working so hard to try and get me on "contempt" so no one would see them doing it. The court did rule, see the legal news page, that I was liable. It also Denied any claims for PlasmERG, Iowa or Nevada, making it a "non party" It did NOT rule, and specifically told Guido and the receiver this, for any REMEDY of any kind. But the SEC provided another bogus accounting, Docket 281, with Iowa mixed in, illegally, and came up with a $1,822,xxx number.
     Without any ruling from the court the SEC and Receiver used this number in the "Final Judgement" for the Corporations, which since the number was never verified by the court, meant they swore to a "False Statement", you or I doing that could mean 5 years in a federal prison. Also in so doing they basically "rewrote" the courts order and paid no attention to the FACT that the judge had NOT allowed any "REMEDIES", or in simple terms they were again in "contempt".
     Then after getting caught the SEC turns right around and does it again in the SEC "judgement against Rohner". The Receiver and Guido are both lawyers and both are experienced enough to know better. They expected to "slip it thru" as the SEc had the FACT that the SEC was clue less about what their own witnesses were doing or had done.

     So they are "caught with their finger in the pie".
     Now Rohner has DEMANDED a JURY TRIAL..
     Rohner has never asked any help as he has "learned law" to try and get his investors stuff back, keep in mind Rohner lost several millions of his monies.

     Now we need to get together and detlate these criminals. There must be some way to chastise lawyers that lie steal and cheat.
     Rohner would appreciate any investor that is a lawyer, or any lawyer that just feels like taking on the SEC to get in touch with him so we can talk about what to do next.
     It is for sure that the liars, like the "homeless" supposedly MD and ex FBI persons etc will be put on the stand and with any luck put in jail. But Rohner is "studying law" as fast as he can and at 74 that is not like when he was 20.
     The Investors, via their new corporation needs to sue the SEC for lying about them ever committing a FRAUD. We all know who the frauds were and are and we all know what they did to us all. Rohner would think any lawyer a month past their bar exam could and may even enjoy going after the SEC when they know they have "false Statements" and "contempt" to use within their argument that the SEC's Victims were indeed slandered and had their funds etc stolen etc. Time for you guys to jump on the SEC some as well.

     I have no thought that any jury will prove anything wrong except maybe a $100,000 "Administrative Action" that should never have slowed you down let alone killed us all. Keep in mind that you lost minimum 18 million dollars in just licensing which would have happened in April.
     Let me know if I can help or if you can help me. Time to stop this BS.. Yes I plan to put him on the stand as well.
     This is a work in process..


     Most everyone that has talked to John Rohner knows that his primary plan was to develop new ecologically sound products. Had the US Government not removed Inteligentry's initial income of 18 million dollars, John would, right now, be north of Las Vegas at a "hot spring" the company would have bought, as a base Research & Design location. This new faculty would be staffed by "older experienced Engineers & Scientists that were "terminated" early but wanted to continue to "tinker" and help the world ecologically. That was what was supposed to be "Inteligentry". That was Rohner's & the investors dream.


    THIS FROM A FRIEND OF MINE. "The current NSA scandal has you on their radar for about to release a "disruptive" technology."
   " It's not about terrorism but with crowd-control everybody." There is a NEED to protect the 1%. Good to see you moving forward."

    The perils of becoming THE WORLDS BEST" EXPERT in a NEW Technology to HELP "save" the world.


The SEC is trying to convince the world that we took in, and pocketed, 1.2 to 4.5 MILLION dollars.

    What a laugh!! The actual operating statement for Inteligentry, from 2011 thru March 2013, is posted for your information on the "HOT SEAT" page.
   "This PROVES, beyond a doubt, we only had $844,000 of investment. Nowhere near the 1.2 million buck mark. Sorry SEC Only GOD, opps, I forgot THEY ARE GOD, knows how the SEC HIGH PAID accountants came up with such a really Erroneous number. Does This ERROR speak well for the people that work at the SEC and get paid by YOU? On something this SIMPLE??..!! REMEMBER, YOUR TAXES PAY Their Salaries AND for THEIR "BIG" HOUSES etc.!!


There is no business plan and none are being used in any product, more CEI Vaporware! :0)


     The SEC says the "Plasma Engine" Technology, as a whole, is Fraudulent. So, they say our patent application is fraudulent even tho it defines the process and the control of the process exactly.

     Then you have the Klosterman jokes:,
     A. Klosterman's first patent, which, for sure, is fraud and you can should see it to believe it - Klosterman's Patent
     B. And Now, TADA, Klosterman comes with another joke. Klosterman's latest patent

     This one was done and submitted about the time that the Girouard/Klosterman/Robert Rohner group, collectively the "CEI GUYS" got the SEC to shut down Inteligentry, to insure a real engine would not take away their "cash cow".
     Girouard's millions, rammed this patent thru. It is even funnier than the first and actually steals the University of Missouri work and discoveries.
     SO, for sure, it is fraud and it would be fun to get him into a Federal court to prove he "Discovered" anything.


     So, In Summary, Don't fear this BS as it is irrelevant! Simply comical and entertaining.. The CEI scammers won't sue. They would lose and have to pay your counter suit.
     As you can see above, the REAL process and discovery is still forging ahead full steam and training new people, as well. Bob Rohner has threatened to sue me so often I have lost count. He has never done it.. That's the "CEI GUYS" way.. ENJOY.


     SEC fines Scuderi Group $100K for misleading investors in an "ADMINISTRATIVE PROCEEDING"
From: http://libn.com/2013/05/31/sec-fines-scuderi-group-100k-misleading-investors/

     The head of a Massachusetts-based company that raised more than $80 million was ordered to pay $100,000 to the Securities and Exchange Commission on Thursday for misleading investors about how the firm spent its money.
     These proceedings arise out of unregistered, non-exempt stock offerings and misleading disclosures, Between 2004 and 2011, Scuderi Group sold more than $80 million worth of securities through offerings that were not registered with the Commission and did not qualify for any of the exemptions from the Securities Act's registration requirement. Between 2008 and 2011, they sold more than $75 million in un registered securities.
     The family-owned startup called the Scuderi Group told investors that it was developing a split-cycle internal combustion engine that would revolutionize the auto industry. But after 11 years, the company still has no revenue and instead has relied on the more than $80 million raised to keep it going.
     Seven Scuderi family members who were Scuderi Group employees received $2.9 million in salaries between 2008 and 2011, according to the SEC complaint. The agency also alleged that during that same time, company chief Sal Scuderi authorized hundreds of checks totaling $1.6 million as ad hoc bonuses to Scuderi family members who were also employees to cover their personal expenses.
     The SEC said the Scuderi Group gave more than $330,000 to Scuderi's mother and more than $240,000 to one of Scuderi's brothers, neither of whom was employed by the company.
     Scuderi Group also made more than $500,000 in loans to employees who are Scuderi family members in 2010, according to the SEC, which said the loans were issued without documented interest or repayment terms and hadn't been repaid.
     Scuderi Group attorney Ian Roffman said, "The company is pleased to be able to put the matter behind it and put the technology first. The settlement doesn't prevent the company from moving forward with its future plans."

     Besides the $100,000 settlement the SEC ordered Scuderi, and the company, to "cease and desist" from committing any future violations of the Securities Act. READ the "ADMINISTRATIVE PROCEEDING"

     So, for raising and spending $80 Million they get a little fine and told to "STOP". BUT, We raised $844,000 and got CRUSHED. How is that "FAIR and JUST TREATMENT under ANY LAW?" Check on this with your Senator!!!



IT'S SUCH A PITY, and too bad my Lil Brother, Bob, can not stand on his OWN two FEET, YET!!
I notice that Bob continues to use my youngest Brother, Tom As a "Fund Raiser",
He even presents his resume, as if he were alive. Hoping to make you feel "pity".
He seems to forget that Tom Died Of Cancer, Some time ago, Maybe
as a result of the "Radio Active" components Bob subjected him too.
Tom did not wish to join Bob. He did all he could to convince Bob and get us brothers
all together when I made them the offer to make a REAL Company and Bob refused.
Tom and I talked many times about how the engine worked and he was sure I had it
right and Bob "would never get it", which he has not, even after 30 some years.
He was very happy when, after months of being told by Bob that he had done it for us,
I formed "Rohner Motor", which upset Bob because his plan was to Resurrect CEI.
     Tom's "objection" to being a part of the SCAM CEI is what that brought Tom
to finally create "Rohner Group". Which Bob has now taken over.......
I was very sorry that Tom Died. I get asked why did I not go to the funeral.
Simply put it was Bob's threats against me and my Family
     Ask Bob why Tom had to die outside the USA?
Treatments were available here to   cure him.

WELL, I don't need anyone's PITY! I would never use my Brothers death, and everyone's Pity, as Bob is.
So, Tom I am sorry for what your OTHER brother is doing with your memory.
As the Head of the Rohner Family, I can only appologize for his actions.
All I can say is, my lil brother Bob is an AH which goes well with his BS.
Too bad Bob can not stand on his own two feet and be honest. BUT!


May My little brother Tom Rest in peace, luckily unknowing he is being exploited by his next older brother, and my NOW "LIL" brother, as usual.
Tom was a good person, even apologized for the misdeeds of the linear's, paid for his tickets when we went to concerts, etc. Not Bob.
I DO Miss TOM. He was a GOOD Brother and lived a good life. Betty and I both miss you, Tom! "WOW BOB!!!"

    Be sure to Enjoy Life ... it is GOD's, by whatever name, greatest gift to YOU.


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