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WARNING the SEC is TRYING to spam The ex investors of Inteligentry.

SOME ex investors have contacted Rohner about a letter from the SEC's Employee in Salt lake City phishing to get Information.

     My answer to anyone who gets such a letter is to DO NOT communicate with her, there is no reason she does not have all this data.
The court has a full record of every investor with A full list with all payment and contact information.

     Reason is simple. You are no longer a Inteligentry Investor and you have never been a stockholder.
That was to have happened at the final incorporation Meeting March 23, 2013, which the SEC made sure we could NOT!
DO YOU REMEMBER accepting, or declining, stock for the investment and being "Logged into" the Corporate Stockholder book?
IT NEVER HAPPENED.. So what is this new Trick?

  1. When you and your friends decided to create your own Corporation, since Inteligentry was defunct and "valueless", you will remember that a very complete and verifiable list, with accounting, was compiled as you dumped your Investment, to get the "IRS LOSS" fully "provable" for the proper IRS amount, as the IRS had instructed. All persons that converted their investment into IRS Loss were then allowed to provide an "equal" base position in your new corporation. NO MONEY transacted so no laws broken as lawyers did watch this.
     SO, Basically, in layman's terms, You gave up your investment in Inteligentry when you decided to be in your new corporation. (Plasmic Transition Process). Those that chose not to do this were allowed out of their NDA's for a Non lawsuit continuation if they felt like taking what they knew and "tinkering" with it on their own. The door was left open to them if they wished to join in the future.
     You all started this trek 11/22/2013 after the SEC screwed you. You expected to be allowed, as a separate entity to continue. This action was endorsed by the corporations lawyer as a good thing to do for the investors.

   2. The SEC specifically, and the court, labeled you and the corporation as as "non participants" or "Non Party". Meaning you had no standing in the case to be heard or even considered.

   3. To support that "lock out" the SEC wrote into the Final order that no "successor", individual or corporate, could use the technology and the court ruled that "no entity within the USA could use any form of Plasma, or Plasmic, technology, making the technology illegal in the USA". You'll find I had to put disclaimers on any and all videos on your tube etc that states that.

   4. IN COURT, The SEC attacked YOUR corporation and threatened to go after each person, when they subpoenaed all corporate records They asked for a "complete list of all stockholders complete with address and email". Which is not allowed under Nevada law. Terry chose to dissolve the corporation to NOT provide this information. (In case you did not know why your Corporation got Dissolved!!)

   5. So the SEC broke your corporation in their zeel to stop you, and anyone, from using the technology. Unfortunately Terry had a rather lame attorney that was more worried about making his $20K than anything else.

     So it is apparent to me that the SEC wants everyone's name, address and email so they can do whatever they wish to all you guys.

     HOWEVER---- NOW YOU ARE A LEGAL "CLASS" and have specific new powers.

     In reality, now all members of the defunct corporation are members of a LEGAL group, or "class" that will be appealing, by way of the "Classes" attorney, any decision made by this court and later, a slander or whatever suit AS needed to give us back our dignity.

     The SEC has valued all the assets at zero! (all 2 million dollars worth)
         after costs for the receiver, there will MAYBE be $50K left over. I expect that will go to their client.
    Thus, as it sits today there is NO funds available for distribution to any "non party".

     They are hoping the letter will make you feel good about being "Raped".      Maybe we should make sure she has something to get paid for and everyone send her a postcard saying nothing more than "sorry no longer a investor and never been a stockholder".. Give her something to do.... After all she just got paid BIG BUCKS for sitting on the SEC held SECRET assets.. :0) (Valued at ZERO).

     Be advised that I am forming "joint partnerships" with several very rich international entities that will get the engine done inside a "international" corporation. OUTSIDE THE USA. Your group will be a part of the piece of the company.

     Hopefully that will get you all paid something real.


     The SEC wants you to believe John Rohner bought new "EXPENSIVE EXOTIC" cars, big Luxury mansions, YACHTS and piled a secret SWISS Account with millions of dollars of cash, from Company funds, using the Investors FUNDS (Totalling $844,000) see below :0)
FYI, A FACT the FBI, or IRS, after investigating thoroughly, does not endorse. They found no such crime..

     WARNING.. This is a 1.7 Billion dollar TAXPAYER PAID US Government Agency, see FY2016 Congressional Budget Justification, FY2016 annual Performance Plan, FY2014 annual Performance report That could not put together this data even with their "Highly Trained" people IN over 3 Years. Instead they made grade school math errors and high school accounting errors and actually "MANUFACTURED" data. Even a paper boy knows if you move 100 bucks from one account to another it is not 200 no matter how much you wish.


Inteligentry Operating Statement May 2011 to March 3 2013

INCOME investments $844,000.00

licenses $300,000.00
COSTS Rent $103,000.00

loans $351,000.00

Employee Wages $370,000.00
TOTAL INCOME $1,495,000.00

Utilities $57,000.00

loans to empl $149,314.00

SUB 1 Bus. EXPENSE $679,314.00
TOTAL COSTS $1,471,314.00

Parts $190,000.00

DIFFERENCE $23,686.00

supplies $130,000.00

misc $12,000.00
UNPAID WAGES -$1,819,583.
SUB 2 Mat. EXPENSE $332,000.00

W/O Rohner $434,583.

in bank $210,000.00
REAL Total

shows etc $250,000.00

SUB 3 COSTS & ESCROW $460,000.00


     WOW, As Certified by several CPAs and REAL business accountants (for use in the Jury trial that was not allowed), the employees invested more than the investors... JOHN ROHNER INVESTED FAR MORE, in money and lost wages, THAN ANY INVESTOR!! Nearly TWO million Dollars LOST to him.. Lets hear it for his "enrichment".
The DIFFERENCE is the usual accountant creep.
     This is from the best information available and may be a bit off yet depending on any refunds that may have been missed by the SEC documents, as the base source. Yes this was done from the SEC provided documents since all business information was taken by the FBI/DOJ and held.
     But it is easy to see that we were more "Typical" than "ATYPICAL" and certainly not the "RAIDERS" or "PIRATES" the SEC makes us out to be.

     The SEC failed to provide any facts and had all monies frozen from the filing to try and Starve the defendants into "submission". Sounds like what people like the dictatorships and Terrorists do, BUT it was what they did RIGHT HERE IN THE USA. ALSO, Check out the requests just to pay "storage" bills etc., Even that the SEC would not allow. So those assets were lost to an auction, as was a House in Iowa and several cars. YUP "starvin" was a good ploy IN THE USA?????

     Well All the SEC supposed case is pure BS (Bull Shit or Bob Speak). John Rohner did not receive a salary check, ever OR even take a Vacation anywhere. Rohner's Frozen Funds accounted for less than ~$1000, From His Social Security Check...

     Facts Not SEC Fiction and BS!!! Rohner will provide the data to anyone to prove it!

     In their BOGUS and unsubstantiated Claims the SEC states that somehow the Investors MONEY was used to buy a house, or many houses, (Never proven) even! KEEP IN MIND the FBI and DOJ after months of investigation found no Fraud nor any other crime!
     Let's just clear this fallacy up for once and for all.
     This site presents the facts and a complete factual documentation of every document provided the Judge.
     It will make you ask: how any judge could rule, as he did, with no proof of any wrongdoing. This judge even ruled to NOT allow Rohner and his investors the simple constitutional RIGHT of a JURY trial, when asked.. IS THIS what we were all taught our courts were supposed to do, what is JUSTICE, NOW..



     Judge Richard F. Boulware, II has ruled that the case is done.

    RULES: That the Developing Technology and Natural "LIGHTNING" are fraud.

     NO Plasma TECHNOLOGY can be developed in the USA, No Matter how Important it is." .

     Rohner had complied with the SEC's, and Judges, Illegal request & order, to abridge Rohner's Constitutional rights and further "DISCRIMINATE" against him and the investors AND what the President asked for us to do,
by applying a "disclaimer" to each video
as follows:
"Per US District Court Judge Richard F. Boulware, II Las Vegas,"
Development of the Technology that makes "Lightning" work is FRAUD.
Thus, By US Court order: -- "Jurisdiction" is USA only,
There will be no development of any "plasma" engine or device.
This video is not to be watched by US CITIZENS."

     Thus, the Persons that can not develop the technology are forewarned not to view the videos.

     Judge Richard F. Boulware, II creates "NEW LAW" in his ruling: See (DKT 433) "Mr. Rohner shall remove all content referencing this case and all content regarding "plasma" engine technology from all the websites referenced at the hearing within a week." The court rattled off, with the SEC's Help all of Rohner's old web sites, even though the SEC knew he no longer owned them nor was responsible for them. This Included removal from Rohner's Resume and work history.
     "The Court cautions Mr. Rohner that failure to comply with this Court's Order may result in contempt sanctions which could include incarceration and/or monetary sanctions".

     There is no question this is "NEW LAW" as the US District Court area of Jurisdiction does NOT, or HAS NOT ever covered "International" Internet Web Sites of "third parties" , according to the US Attorney Generals Office. Rohner does NOT NOW own any web sites. The Courts "Starve" order freezing all funds and not allowing him to work made it impossible for him to "renew" his URLs. All the web sites are now owned by entities OUTSIDE the USA. So this order was not only NEW LAW for a Defendant but also against a entity outside the USA.
     Rohner did have access to the sites, as the "OLD" administrator, since the passwords were not changed. So, Rohner, Fearful that he would be in contempt, removed the web sites and proved to the court, April 8 that it was completed. However, this was, legally, an act of destruction of personal property not belong to Rohner, leaving him open to suit by the owners. The owners have started resurrecting their sites so they were gone for a couple weeks.
     ALSO, notice that the order was to take down "all content referencing this case" which references two problems.
   First the site has a posted the complete "PUBLIC" docket, with every Document filed, for all who are interested to see what is happening in this "PUBLIC" case. Thus the court has ordered REMOVAL OF PUBLIC information to be done from a international web site.
   SECOND any comments made about anything are "supposedly" covered under the US Constitution as "FREEDOM OF SPEECH". NO us court has acted to remove any TERRORIST or even "BIGOTS" web site. OUR foundering fathers wanted everyone to be free to "disagree".

     To further exacerbate the problem we seem to have a US Government Agency, the Security and Exchange Commission, that is NOT only GREEDY, anti ecological advances or enhanced economic advances for the US but also believes they need to drive this judge even further into more new Law, (DKT 427-1) The SEC complains because Rohner did follow the TRO and the SEC grabbed over a $100,000 in assets that have never been identified, inventoried or disclosed as to where and how they are stored. Rohner believes the "Asset Preservation" reflects to BOTH Parties when One grabs this much LOOT value and then fails to allow anyone to know or view it. The SEC also made their "cache" invisible to their employee, the receiver.
   The SEC calls for "Rohner shall take down the following websites:(1) www.inteligentry.com; (2) www.plasmerg.com; (3) www.plasmictransistion.com; (4) www.plasmictransistionprocess.com; (5) www.ram-eng.com; (6) www.jprohner.com; (7) www.controlsystemsconsulting.com; (8) www.suethesec.com; and (9) All other websites that mention this litigation and/or the Plasmic Transition Process.
   (DKT 431) Is a document the SEC, in its support of the Court and push for much more, States: "the Court ordered Rohner to take down websites that mention this litigation or the Plasmic Transition Process".
   Since that filing, the SEC has identified a number of "social media" websites on which we believe Rohner has posted information about the Plasmic Transition Process and/or this litigation. The SEC respectfully submits as a supplement to its March 28 filing a list of social media websites covered by the Court's Order identified in the Attached Declaration of Authenticity and pdf copies of the postings on the social media websites for the Court's information." (DKT 445) Is where they again reference some document, that has been provided numerous times and grade school kids understand but the SEC lawyer can not fathom the simple math, as it updates the Information presented by the SEC, NOW "SEALED" with their lack of participation in the "Settlement Conference", so the "Tax Payers" can not see it. They Tell the court to "to take down all postings on the Internet in which Rohner participated that refer to the Plasmic Transition Process engine and/or this litigation." or "Incarcerate". This is all Videos, even those that do not belong to me from UTube etc. Rohner has posted a disclaimer for the world to understand that the technology is "ILLEGAL" in the USA.

     Judge Richard F. Boulware, II has ruled that there will be NO Jury trial. SO without any proof of any fact of any of the SECs alleged complaints the Inteligentry Investors will be raped of all assets, funds, and ANY use of of their derived technology, (now illegal to pursue by anyone in the USA),
     All proceeds will go to the Lying Dr. G, the actual client of the SEC in the SEC multimillion dollar (cost to taxpayers) case. As well as others who do not wish any alternative and ecologically correct inventions to succeed, even if the president of the USA asks for them.
     Evidently, the Judge, unlike the DOJ, FBI and investors, decided that the unfounded lies of the SEC were so engrained in fact that the Investors and Defendants should not be allowed their constitutional right to have justice and truth provided by a Jury. To insure this, the Judge actually removed the Defendant Corporations Lawyer and assigned responsibility for them to the EMPLOYEE of the Plaintiff, the receiver, so the SEC can have their will..      There is no question that had it gone to a jury the SEC would have looked foolish. Their high, TAXPAYER, paid consultant CPAs actually made grade school math errors. A REAL accounting is above.
     But the judge has now made new law. Now, if any one takes over a company by "Threatening the inventor with physical and legal pain" and grabs it, called "Hostile takeover" on wall street, He has the legal right to sue the ex company for any new endeavor and put them out of business and grab all their monies and assets. As happened here.

     This judge did this even after he specifically stated he "would not".. to Senator Grassley..
     This Case Is a prime example of why THIS JUDGE should not have been included: as President Obama Nominates him for this commission? NOT A MATCH TO ME!

Inteligentry Defendants WILL NOT be allowed
to prove their case IN FRONT OF A JURY!
It Might embarrass the SEC!!!

as we are all promised is the AMERICAN WAY!


     As most of the SEC's VICTIMS know John Rohner has been fighting a lonesome fight against the SEC for just one simple thing. To give back the Funds and assets to the "Victims" of the SEC, the people the SEC took them from, the investors of Inteligentry from which they were taken.
     Many people asked why Rohner would give up thousands of dollars, he could have earned and years of his time for something that to them seemed frivolous. After all Rohner had told all Investors that there was a possibility they would lose their investments and even made the Investor tell him that their investment would not be detrimental to their family of life.
     Those of you that have been following the case as presented in full on the legal news page here, must have seen the court, and the SEC, start to use the term "Third Parties" on the ex investors and their new Corporation, which the SEC is trying to squash as well.
     Rohner thought that the SEC might have some other client than their "supposed by law" investors. With their reference to the Inteligentry investors, as "third parties" it was transparent that the "client" was not the people that the SEC was taking the money and assets from but someone else.
     That made it readily apparent that what the SEC was trying to do was "ROB PETER TO PAY PAUL" or in plainer words take from the Inteligentry Investors and Rohner, all they could and give it to "Someone". In everyday English this is called by some GRAND THEFT and others "embezzlement" and it simply is stealing from the investors to "enrich" the SEC "CLIENT". It is a government agency, and a couple lawyers trying to trick the court into an illegal funds movement scheme. And of course who would be better at a scheme like this than the agency that is supposed to "protect" people from it.
     Why else would the SEC have for NOT making the simple restoration of funds public and Transparent. Those of you that have been following the case may know that the SEC killed any settlement because of one specific item. Rohner wanted the court to "publicly" disperse the funds to verified investors and the SEC would have nothing to do with it. They also would NOT ALLOW any removal of PlasmERG Iowa or any removal of using the bank records of same or of adding $400,000 of NON investment into that as well so that it would look as if "SOMEONE" needed to be paid BIG. It does not take much imagination to ferret out who the SEC's "client" is.

     The SEC and the Receiver both spit on the courts ruling as they both rewrote it to fit what they wanted. That is called "contempt". It is also why the SEC has been working so hard to try and get me on "contempt" so no one would see them doing it. The court did rule, see the legal news page, that I was liable. It also Denied any claims for PlasmERG, Iowa or Nevada, making it a "non party" It did NOT rule, and specifically told Guido and the receiver this, for any REMEDY of any kind. But the SEC provided another bogus accounting, Docket 281, with Iowa mixed in, illegally, and came up with a $1,822,xxx number.
     Without any ruling from the court the SEC and Receiver used this number in the "Final Judgement" for the Corporations, which since the number was never verified by the court, meant they swore to a "False Statement", you or I doing that could mean 5 years in a federal prison. Also in so doing they basically "rewrote" the courts order and paid no attention to the FACT that the judge had NOT allowed any "REMEDIES", or in simple terms they were again in "contempt".
     Then after getting caught the SEC turns right around and does it again in the SEC "judgement against Rohner". The Receiver and Guido are both lawyers and both are experienced enough to know better. They expected to "slip it thru" as the SEc had the FACT that the SEC was clue less about what their own witnesses were doing or had done.

     So they are "caught with their finger in the pie".
     Now Rohner has DEMANDED a JURY TRIAL..
     Rohner has never asked any help as he has "learned law" to try and get his investors stuff back, keep in mind Rohner lost several millions of his monies.

     Now we need to get together and detlate these criminals. There must be some way to chastise lawyers that lie steal and cheat.
     Rohner would appreciate any investor that is a lawyer, or any lawyer that just feels like taking on the SEC to get in touch with him so we can talk about what to do next.
     It is for sure that the liars, like the "homeless" supposedly MD and ex FBI persons etc will be put on the stand and with any luck put in jail. But Rohner is "studying law" as fast as he can and at 74 that is not like when he was 20.
     The Investors, via their new corporation needs to sue the SEC for lying about them ever committing a FRAUD. We all know who the frauds were and are and we all know what they did to us all. Rohner would think any lawyer a month past their bar exam could and may even enjoy going after the SEC when they know they have "false Statements" and "contempt" to use within their argument that the SEC's Victims were indeed slandered and had their funds etc stolen etc. Time for you guys to jump on the SEC some as well.

     I have no thought that any jury will prove anything wrong except maybe a $100,000 "Administrative Action" that should never have slowed you down let alone killed us all. Keep in mind that you lost minimum 18 million dollars in just licensing which would have happened in April.
     Let me know if I can help or if you can help me. Time to stop this BS.. Yes I plan to put him on the stand as well.
     This is a work in process..


     Most everyone that has talked to John Rohner knows that his primary plan was to develop new ecologically sound products. Had the US Government not removed Inteligentry's initial income of 18 million dollars, John would, right now, be north of Las Vegas at a "hot spring" the company would have bought, as a base Research & Design location. This new faculty would be staffed by "older experienced Engineers & Scientists that were "terminated" early but wanted to continue to "tinker" and help the world ecologically. That was what was supposed to be "Inteligentry". That was Rohner's & the investors dream.

Don't WORRY the " Plasmic Transition Technology OR Process Is Not DEAD!. It is very much alive, outside the USA.
NOW Multinational and even bigger than before, just quieter!

For engineering help & consulting for the Electronic Control Systems contact: RAM Engineering Mexico
For the technology Transfer, in total, hardware and electronics, contact " Plasmic Transition",
All foreign DEVELOPMENT centers are using this site as a information and reference transfer site.

NOW ALL who are developing technology, do so in THEIR OWN Labs outside the USA and with MEXICO help. If you are OUTSIDE THE USA and would like to create your own group contact RAM Engineering Mexico and we will provide legal representatives contact information.

     If you are tired of doing nothing and interested in enjoying life and being productive, contact: CAN I HELP?
     Resumes ARE being accepted, and phone numbers traded, so we can talk and see what we can do for the world, together with other's from outside the USA..
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